Holiday league starts Nov 14 2019, anytime after 630pm.

Our 4 week Pinball League is fun and a great way to meet new people.  It doesn't cost anything other than the $5 Admission.

Each Thursday 3 games at random will be picked  ex. Pinbot, Medival Madness and KISS.   Ask for your score card at the bar. Once you receive your score card you'll have 3 full chances at each game.  Your scores will be recorded by you, another participant and moderator for verification.  Laugh, mingle and hand in your card at the end of the night.  

At the end of the 4 week season, the winner gets their name added to our wall plaque and receives the grand prize.  Secondary prizes for 1st and 2nd runner up will be awarded.

You can miss 1 week, and make up your games on a rescheduled day.

Fall Season starts Sep 5 2019.

Beers/Sodas start at 8pm!  Games get underway at your leisure.

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Final Standings (Summer League 2019)

1.  Alan  134     ($50 Last Level Lounge Gift Card and Last Level Lounge T-shirt)

2.  Pat  133      ($30  Last Level Lounge Gift Card)

3.  Chris  124    ($20 Last Level Lounge Gift Card)

4.  Mike Z: 123

5.  Nicole 118

5.  Jon  118

6.  Keith: 106  

7. Spencer 97

8.  Devin 95

9.  Jesus 94

10. Justin: 67 points  

11. Walter 60 points  

11. Michael W 60 points  

12. Isaac: 45 points  

13. Darrin 40 points

14. Andrew 37